Online Cricket Betting: The Different Bet Types

Cricket is a team sport that has a great range of bet types. Not all sportsbooks offer this sport though. British betting sites used to offer bets on the most major cricket competitions only. A good example is the English County Championship. Through the help of the internet, different online betting sites sprouted across the globe. Today, various sportsbooks offer plenty of wagering opportunities in cricket. A lot of people are not aware that they can place wagers on cricket. If you are one of them, here are the different bet types in cricket you should know before you place any wager.

Top batsman

This bet lets you wager on who among the batsmen will have the most runs in a match. You can also bet for a day or series. You need a great deal of understanding of the player’s past form to be able to win this bet. The condition of the surface is also crucial when making this bet. You also have to consider the geographical location of the match.

Most sixes

It is as it sounds. You bet on who will score the most sixes. Most betting sites let you bet on teams or individual players. You can even split your bet across different days if the competition takes longer. The surface and location of the fixture both play a great role in this bet.

Match ducks

It is like the over/under in most sports. Bookmakers set the threshold for this bet. You will decide whether there will be more or less ducks than the set number. A duck is a dismissed batsman without scoring a single run.

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Dismissal method

You can also wager on the first wicket made. Will the batsman get caught out, stumped, bowled, run out, or dismissed via LBW? Bettors have various choices for this bet. You can usually see this in full-time match bets and in-play bets. You can also wager about the next method of dismissal for live fixtures.

The above bet types are some of the basics you need to know when betting on online cricket. Once you understand these types of bets, you can move to more complex wagers at Luxury777. Do not forget to take advantage of special bonuses and promotions for new players. Make sure you understand all the rules of cricket before you place any wager. Relevant research will help you out a lot. You can also join forums if you want to interact with fellow cricket bettors.